Language trips

Through our partner school in London, Canning Training, we are pleased to offer English for Business language trips to England.

Canning Training provides intensive Business English courses in a range of options: group, one-to-one training, pair or a mixture of both.  The courses are flexible and are always geared to your personal needs. The trainers, who are multilingual professionals drawn from the business world, don’t follow a pre-defined course programme but tailor-make each course to meet your individual requirements, for example presenting sales figures to your boss, explaining technical details to your client or holding a meeting via videoconferencing.

Groups courses often include:

  • Social English – ice breaking, small talk, networking
  • Meetings – solve problems, make suggestions and convince others
  • Phone calls, conference calls, and videoconferencing – follow the discussion and communication clearly, persuasively and memorably
  • Negotiations – get to win-win solutions with your clients, suppliers or colleagues
  • Taking control of conversations – influence the pace and directions of a conversation so that you have time to understand and contribute
  • Intensive listening practice – capturing the ‘big picture’ and the details of high-speed conversations between native and non-native speakers with a range of accents

Canning courses are structured so that you spend every moment improving your ability to speak or to listen. The English-speaking environment that you work in is constantly simulated so that you’re constantly practising the English you need – not the language of a textbook. The trainers will listen to you very, very carefully; to understand what is stopping you from communicating effectively in English; and then to give you the language you need to succeed.

For more information about Canning Training and price details, please contact us as